Hottest Matsui Fan!

I must say- I am the luckiest Japanese girl to post a blog on legendary  Do you know how many Japanese fans out there would kill to post their thoughts on official MLB site?  I am truly excited about this one!

So- as a memorable first blog (and the first on this particular blog page)- I would like to dedicate this to my favorite player Hideki Matsui.  I have been following his career since he was drafted into Giants in Japan, saw him sign the deal to Yankees, wanted to ride on JAL plane with his face on the body of the plane, even stalked him to supposed residence in NY, Trump Tower on 5th Ave.  I was worried this May when he injured his wrist- and was going to send him a flower to NY Prespyterian Hospital where he was getting his surgery.  OH and I know who his GF is.  She is a Japanese actress, and his dad supposedly met her in NY back in January. See, I know a lot.

Anyways- I will be writing on this site as much as I can, so stay tuned!

#1 Matsui Fan!


Awesome that Spitkicker is here and can’t wait to see more blogs this season, from Phife and everyone. Hi to Kanye West and the whole crew.


Phife better come with more “hits” than the Braves and the Yankees.



Enthusiastic fans is what MLBlogs is all about! Welcome to the family!

Check out my MLBlog – Major League Ballhawk – at

Read this post and invite everyone to join this will be a fun way to see who everyone would have on their team if they could draft a team.


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